Depending on the use to which it is intended, Shiro offers three types of hull:  

JET. There are helmets that cover the skull and expose the chin area. Recommended for urban use.  

INTEGRAL. It covers the entire head, protecting the skull and chin. (Available on-road and off-road version).  

MODULAR. They are full face helmets with the particularity that the chin is articulated, the user can upload this part so that your chin is air actuating a button.

To find out which size to choose, you can measure the contour of your head at the top of the eyebrows. This measure in inches corresponds to a commercial size, consult your store. Before buying a helmet, put it on your head and make sure it fits your face and pressed it in any area of your head. Move the head on either side and up and down with the helmet correctly fastened and adjusted, checking that does not change its position, reducing the field of view, and that is well suited to your face.

If your town has received some violent impact, change it with a new one, although the damage is not apparent. Although the raw materials used in manufacturing Shiro helmets are high strength and durability, depending on use and weather conditions which undergoes a helmet, your change is recommended around age 5, if this use has been discontinued. The display must be replaced when scratches appear that hinder vision.

Try not expose to extreme helmet unnecessarily. Tie it together with the heat of the exhaust pipe, for example, may cause alterations in the materials that decrease the security guarantees of his helmet.  

Not apply paints or abrasive components on the surface of the hull, can damage and thereby alter its properties affecting safety. We recommend that you not apply water paints, they can cause other unforeseen components affecting his helmet during use.  

Clean your helmet with mild soap and water using a soft cloth, with special care not to cause the screen scratches.   For washing the interior, removable fittings, you can wash with soap and water, rinsing with water and allowed to dry without wringing

Do not buy a used helmet. This helmet will have adapted to the physiognomy of the previous user, and perhaps you do not know if it has been dropped, although not visible, has affected the safety components.  

Do not modify or steal any of the components. All our helmets are designed and manufactured as a whole to ensure their safety.   Do not substitute other parts of town that are not specific accessories for your helmet model Shiro.  

If you want to put stickers on his helmet Shiro, make sure they are adaptable to the type of material it is made. If to remove all the glue, you can remove them by using alcohol and then clean the surface with mild soap and water.

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